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Christian Gullette

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Christian received his Ph.D. in Scandinavian Languages and Literatures from the University of California, Berkeley where he is currently a lecturer. He earned his M.F.A. from the Warren Wilson M.F.A. Program for Writers, his M.Ed. from the George Washington University, and a B.A. in English from Bates College. A 2019 National Poetry Series Finalist, his poems have appeared in journals such as New England Review, Meridian, and Smartish Pace, and he has been selected as a finalist for the Two Sylvias Chapbook Contest and the Iowa Review Poetry Award, as well as a semi-finalist for the Discovery/Boston Review Poetry Contest. When not working on his own poems or manuscript, he serves as the poetry senior editor of the Cortland Review. Christian lives in San Francisco with his husband Michael and Atlee, their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.

Christian’s translations from the Swedish include poetry by Jonas Modig in the Colorado Review and Kristofer Folkhammar in Queen Mob’s Tea House. He has also translated books by notable chefs including Roy Fares, Lisa Lemke, and Elisabeth Johansson, as well as the cyclist Johan Tell.

Christian combined his interests in Swedish language and literature, translation, and poetry during his Ph.D. studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also taught courses in Swedish language, as well as Reading and Composition courses.

Christian’s academic research in Swedish literature and film focuses on intersections of sexuality, gender, race, and neoliberalism spanning 19th century authors such as August Strindberg to his recent dissertation entitled “Challenging Swedishness: Intersections of Neoliberalism, Race, and Queerness in the Works of Jonas Hassen Khemiri and Ruben Östlund” (2018). His peer-reviewed article “Are Our Malls Safe? Race and Neoliberalism in Ruben Östlund’s Play” appeared in the Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, and his peer-reviewed article “Plato, Spiritual Marriage, and the Disruptive Potential of Queerness in August Strindberg’s Giftas” was published in lambda nordica

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In 2015, Christian was awarded the Aurora Borealis Prize for best graduate student presentation by the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies (SASS).



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