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Christian Gullette has five years experience translating fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from Swedish to English including award-winning fiction, non-fiction by celebrity authors, and award-winning poetry. 



Christian Gullette is an experienced Swedish to English translator of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. His poetry translations have appeared or are forthcoming in various journals and anthologies.

fiction Translations

(sample) Karin Erlandsson, Pärlfiskaren (Schildts & Söderströms 2017), winner of the 2018 Runeberg Junior Prize

Poetry Translations

Björn Håkanson, “Finnas Till” [Existing] in Swedish Writers on Writing. Trinity University Press (forthcoming 2018)

Jonas Modig: “Mirages,” “Mice dart over the drafty floor.The Colorado Review (October 2014)

Kristofer Folkhammar: 7 Untitled Poems. Queen Mob’s Tea House (November 2016).

Non-Fiction Translations

Johan Tell, En Cyclo Pedia (Octopus Books, forthcoming 2018).

Maria Ahlgren, Beautyfood (Octopus Books, forthcoming Jun 2018)

Roy Fares, United States of Cakes (Skyhorse 2015; Bonnier Fakta 2013)

Lisa Lemke, The Summer Table (Sterling 2015; Till grillat 2011 and Till sommaren 2012 Bonnier Fakta)

Lisa Lemke, The Winter Table (Sterling 2017; Allt i en gryta 2013 and Lisa på landet 2015 Bonnier Fakta)

Elisabeth Johansson, Chocolate (Sterling 2014; Bonnier Fakta 2012)

Mia Öhrn, Macarons, Cupcakes & Cake Pops (Sterling 2013; Natur & Kultur 2011)


Professional Affiliations (with links)

STiNA – Swedish Translators in North America (2016 – present)

ALTA – American Literary Translators Association (2015 – present)

Bread Loaf Translator’s Conference (2015)