Christian Gullette has five years experience translating multiple genres from Swedish to English including non-fiction by celebrity authors as well as award-winning poets. 



Christian Gullette is an experienced translator, having translated Swedish to English in multiple genres, and his poetry translations have appeared or are forthcoming in various journals and anthologies.


Poetry Translations

Björn Håkanson, “Finnas Till” [Existing] in Swedish Writers on Writing. Trinity University Press (forthcoming 2018)

Jonas Modig: “Mirages,” “Mice dart over the drafty floor.The Colorado Review (October 2014)

Kristofer Folkhammar: 7 Untitled Poems. Queen Mob’s Tea House (November 2016).

Non-Fiction Translations

Roy Fares, United States of Cakes (Skyhorse 2015; Bonnier Fakta 2013)

Lisa Lemke, The Summer Table (Sterling 2015; Till grillat 2011 and Till sommaren 2012 Bonnier Fakta)

Lisa Lemke, The Winter Table (Sterling 2017; Allt i en gryta 2013 and Lisa på landet 2015 Bonnier Fakta)

Elisabeth Johansson, Chocolate (Sterling 2014; Bonnier Fakta 2012)

Mia Öhrn, Macarons, Cupcakes & Cake Pops (Sterling 2013; Natur & Kultur 2011)




Professional Affiliations (with links)

STiNA – Swedish Translators in North America (2016 – present)

ALTA – American Literary Translators Association (2015 – present)

Bread Loaf Translator’s Conference (2015)